In Ohio, a power outage is something that you are all aware of. Power outage is mostly caused by extreme weather. It can also be caused by a human fault or by equipment failure. Bottom line is that power outing can put your home or business at risk. It can cause you huge loss.

Power backup generators have become a necessity for you in Ohio. There are some key factors you should keep in mind while going for a backup generator.

Power Capacity

The first thing to keep in consideration before getting a power backup generator is its power capacity. Keep in mind your power usage. How much do you consume in peak hours? This will help you to get a perfect backup generator for you. You can go out to an electrician for suggestions. Ohio Generator System provides backup generators in different power capacities. In Ohio, you can reach out to us for the best home energy management.

Type of fuel

Another factor of consideration before going for a backup generator is the type of fuel you want to use in the power generators. Most of the backup generators run on diesel or natural gas. You can also get a propane engine if you want to use propane as your fuel. 

Make sure what type of fuel is available and convenient for you, and then choose your generator accordingly. Ohio Generator System provides both diesel and natural gas backup generators. For eco-friendly persons, natural gas fuel is perfect.

Place of installation

The next thing that you have to consider is the place where you want to install your backup generator. Whether it is outside or inside? You need a proper ventilation system for your backup generator. If you want to install a backup generator inside, you have to make sure to have a secure fuel supply and exhaust. If you want to install outdoor, you have to consider the noise level and what type of enclosure you need to protect your generator from weather etc.

Noise level

Noise level is also a point of consideration. For the industrial area the noise level does not matter a lot but for a residential area noise of a generator should be considered. You may need a noise-reducing enclosure for your backup generator. Ohio Generator System provides generators with minimal noise.

Transfer switch

Consider what type of transfer switch you want. Do you want a manual transfer switch or automatic transfer switch? An automatic transfer switch can be a bit costly. Keep in consideration the size of your transfer switch based on the power of your generators. Ohio Generator System provides both automatic and manual switches


Keep the warranty in mind while getting a backup generator. The general warranty is from 2 to 5 years. Mostly they cover manufacturer defects. Make sure to ask them about the duration and coverage of the warranty. You can extend your warranty with some extra expenses.

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