There are many types of power generators available in the market. Power generators mostly depend on the size of the home and how much power you need. Therefore, picking up a power generator for your home can be a difficult task. However, we wrote this blog article in order to help you choose the right backup power generator for your home.

We are Ohio Generator Systems and we provide many types of home backup power generators. Let’s have a look into our power generators.

Made in the USA

All of our power back generators are made and engineered in the USA. Our generator provider is Generac, which is the number 1 in manufacturing home backup generators. Therefore, by choosing the products we provide, you choose high quality products and services. 

Automatic operation

Our generators come with the latest technology, including have automatic operations for most of the backup generators we provide. That means you don’t have to be worried about turning it on whenever there is a power outage. 

Guardian series of home generators

Our guardian series of generators is one of the best home backup generators available in Ohio. The power generators we provide come in different powers from 7kW to 24kW. With continuous improvements, innovations and technology, Guardian home generators are providing you with automatic backup power. In addition, you can use natural gas to run these generators. Just like the name, these generators are true guardians of your homes. Following are the features of these power generators.

G-Force engine

Guardian power backup home generators have pressure-lubricated and purpose-built engines that can handle the rigors of generator use. That’s why they are more reliable and need less maintenance than other generators. 13kW and 16kw Guardian generators have hydraulic lifters that improve engine performance and life. 

Less noise 

The home power generators we provide run at lower revolutions per minute. Because of lower RPM, Guardian generators make less noise than other generators. They also consume less fuel than many other generators.

Tough and durable enclosures

The enclosures of Guardian home generators are made of aluminum. The RhinoCoat powder-coating makes the aluminum corrosion-resistant. These enclosures are perfect for all weathers and they are long-lasting.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a perfect power backup generator for your home, reach out to Ohio Generator Systems for the high quality services. 

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