Installation of power generators for your home is not enough. In other words, your home backup power generator needs proper maintenance to perform well for a longer time. Just like cars and other machineries, it requires proper maintenance. Maintaining a home backup generator is very important because the warranty mostly covers the manufacturer issues. If your backup generator goes out of order because of poor maintenance there are chances to not be covered by the warranty. 

To keep your home backup power generator in good condition, keep the following things  in mind.

Regularly change the filters

Backup generators have different kinds of filters that need to be changed after some time. Generac generators have three main filters that you need to upgrade at proper intervals. It has oil, fuel and air filters. They need to be inspected and changed annually.

Whenever you change the oil of your generator, make sure you change the oil filter too. Do not use an old oil filter with fresh oil. 

Fuel filters also should be inspected, if they found to be dirty or old you should change them. Fuel filters last longer than oil filters.

The air filter also should be looked at annual maintenance. There can be dirt in the air filter because of winds. If it appears to be dirty change it.

Check the battery

Generac generators have only one large battery. Check and test your battery and charger while maintaining your generator. If the charger is damaged and the voltage of the battery is low, replace them. A bad battery will lead to the inability of generators to start.

Change oil regularly

Change the oil of your backup generator regularly. The general time for changing the oil of a generator is after the usage of 200 hours. The oil condensed with time because of temperature and some other factors. Condensed oil can harm your generator. Ohio Generator System provides the best maintenance services.

Check spark plugs and gas regulators

Spark plug and gas regulators are critical for the performance of your generator. Keep a check on the spark plug of your generator. If the spark plug is filled with carbon, you should change it. If your generator uses natural gas as fuel, you have to make sure that its gaskets diaphragms and fittings are strong. Ohio Generator System can help you in changing and maintaining gas regulators and spark plugs of your generator.

Other things to look after regarding power generators

You need to inspect engine valves, coolant system, alternator and the transfer switch regularly to avoid any kind of mishap. Ohio Generator System is a professional installer and maintainer of backup generators.

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