So you wonder what happens if you overload the generator. Here’s a quick article to help you find a clear and simple answer.

Ohio is prone to power outages because it is constantly hit by storms and hurricanes. Many locals are aware of this fact which is why a lot invest in a home backup generator system to ensure that they can still keep their family comfortable inside their home in case of long power failures. 

Home backup generators have different capacities

The smaller ones can accommodate only a limited number of appliances while the bigger ones can power an entire home. The generators available on the market today are more powerful, efficient, and up-to-date with the latest technology but it is still important to take necessary precautions not to overload them. 

Overloading can cause major damages to your home backup generator system. This could mean shedding more money for repairs or worse, your generator might be up for replacement

What happens if you overload your home generator system? Read below to find out. 

Knowing about watts

Your home backup generator will overload if it exceeds its wattage limitations. The peak watts in a generator can determine which items can the generator power while the running watts however can determine the number of watts needed to keep your items running continuously. Starting watts, however, are the extra watts needed to start items that need more electricity to power. 

Determining the number of watts that your generator can carry can prevent it from overloading. 

Overloading the generator

If you overload your generator, below are two of the things that might happen immediately. 


When your home generator is overloaded, you might hear loud noises and feel a huge amount of heat coming from the unit. This can cause your generator to shut down.

Stator failure

If your generator unit overheats, it can cause the stator, the one working to give power to your home during outages, to be damaged. A generator that is overloaded will automatically shut off but you should not wait for this to happen. You may prevent overloading by investing in a generator that would perfectly suit your needs.

For more information about what type of backup generator suits your home or business and how to properly maintain it please contact us