Hospitals rely heavily on electricity for their entire operation. During natural calamities like storms and hurricanes, hospitals are prepared with top-of-the-line alternative energy solutions to keep everything running normally and to make sure those attached to life-support equipment live. 

High power generators can be used to run life support equipment in a hospital setup but what about life-support machines used at home? Can a home generator ultimately help keep a person alive?

In general, a backup power generator can be used for life support equipment at home

Your home backup generator system will automatically turn on when the power supply goes out and it can keep medical devices running for some time. The question of how long can a generator power life-support equipment however,  will always depend on the type you have at home. If a loved one is depending on equipment at home to stay alive and healthy, asking for help and doing research can help you identify that type that would most likely suit your needs and requirements. 

Apart from having a reliable generator as a source of power backup, having more than enough fuels to run the generator is important too. Some medical equipment runs on batteries so stocking on various kinds might help during an emergency.

It is also important to keep specific details of the electricity-dependent medical equipment you are using at home so you know how much electricity it needs and how long it will run during power outages. Unexpected power outages can last for days during natural calamities. Knowing specific details can ultimately save a life. 

While a backup power generator at home can greatly help, keeping a list of emergency contacts and other emergency power providers must also be included in your emergency plan.