An event where power failures occur that last a few hours up to a few days, can be problematic as your life can come to a halt. In scenarios like these it is always beneficial to have a backup plan especially during bad weather, wildfires, or power outages. How powerful must a generator be in order to sustain your necessities. A home generator as the backup plan, can power essential electronics and your full house if needed.

How To Determine How Powerful A Generator Must Be?

Power generators from Ohio Energy Systems can efficiently manage the power it supplies to your home. It can automatically switch power to the backup generator in case of an emergency or a power outage. All our generators come with a switch button if you need to shift the power to the generator.

Consider a scenario where you need to power your home using a generator during an outage. Consider turning on some lights, a microwave, a refrigerator, a furnace, or the internet modem. If your calculations point to a 5.3 kW generator requirement, we recommend adding some extra wattage just in case and consider a minimum of 7.5 kW for your home, which should be sufficient in most cases.

When you know which essential equipment needs power, you can divert power in case something else needs power. All you need to do is turn one of the calculated equipment off. If you are not using the microwave but need to iron your clothes, then you can, as the microwave doesn’t actively use power. A 7.5 generator could easily power everything in this situation, and you don’t have to switch appliances on power actively.

Ohio Generator Systems

Ohio Generator Systems offers home backup energy management with backup generators ranging from 7-24 kW. A transfer switch is present on every home backup generator. We offer the most powerful, compact generators outfitted with power management technology that can automatically switch to generator power in an emergency. We provide all sorts of installation and maintenance services as well. Hop onto the website to learn more about OGS.