Are you trying to learn how to extend the life of your generator? Or perhaps you’re seeking to purchase a used generator and want to know how long it will last. Let’s discuss these questions and their answers in this article about generators lifespan.

Life Expectancy of a Generator On Average Considering Usage

Usage is the first thing to consider. Generators typically last between 10,000 and 30,000 hours of operation. This often translates to 20 to 25 years of use.

Yet again, this is merely an estimate based on averages. A generator used exclusively for emergency generators during blackouts will undoubtedly reach the 10,000-hour threshold much sooner than one not operated continuously.

This makes buying a used generator a bit more challenging. No way to know how many hours the generator has clocked up unless the user has been metered or recorded.

Kind Of Use

The way a generator is used can affect how long it lasts. This usage is how the type of consumption impacts generators lifespan.


For example, run a gas generator continuously at maximum power. Using the generator aggressively with few breaks will cause it to wear out quickly.


However, underutilizing the generator can also be detrimental to its life. It is more damaging to the machine to leave the generator idle for months on end than to use it excessively because the engine has not been lubricated during that idle time.

The working parts of a generator that has been idle for a long time brush against each other with higher friction. As a result, anytime the machine is operated, it quickly transitions from cold to hot. It is then turned off and fully cools down once more. So warm up your generator before adding a full load.

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