Ohio is no stranger to power outages because of its ever-changing weather. Summer can be warm and dry but spring and winter can bring heavy rains and freezing temperatures. The state also gets to experience other natural calamities once in a while including severe floods, storms, and tornadoes.
If you are living in Ohio or are growing your business here, it is vital to invest in safety equipment that will keep your properties safe. Having a backup power generator to keep your electricity running in case of a sudden power outage definitely sounds like a good investment.
How would you know which type of generator fits you best? Read below.

Automatic backup generator vs portable generator

An automatic backup generator or standby generator is installed permanently in your home or business. In case of a power outage, it turns on automatically to power your home including your HVAC system and essential appliances. It provides a consistent source of power, it is more convenient, and it is designed to withstand severe weather conditions.

A standby automatic generator will not only protect your appliances from possible damages but it will also help you in your day to day activities in case of power outage as it won’t interrupt work or school.

A portable generator, on the other hand, can only supply power to a limited number of appliances. It is heavier and uses gasoline to run. You can’t place a portable generator indoors and it requires proper storage. If you need to use it for emergency purposes, you need to put it out and switch it on.

A portable generator is ideal for homes or businesses that don’t always need a backup power supply. It is cheaper than a standby generator but uses more gas to operate. Also, a portable generator is noisy, which makes it hard to use for extended periods.

Both automatic backup generators and portable generators can keep the power supply in your home but in different ways and levels. Choosing which type of backup generator is the right for you means carefully analyzing your needs as a user.

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