Power outages happen for many reasons. While most of the time it is due to natural calamities like storms and severe flooding, surges in power use in communities can be attributed to power outages as well.
Dealing with power outages is easy especially if you are living in a state that experiences it frequently, like Ohio. However, not many people know that power outages can damage appliances. The damage sometimes happens gradually and before you know it, you are spending your hard-earned money to replace your broken appliances.

Below are ways power outages damage your appliances and the things you need to consider protecting them.

1. Sudden current surge.

A power surge is the leading cause of electrical damage at home. When a power outage happens, it does not automatically cause damage but when the power comes back, the voltage can be a little bit higher than the suggested amount. This affects homes in various communities.

2. Voltage surge.

When there is a current surge, homes may experience a voltage surge. Usually, voltage surge happens after a blackout when the electricity being supplied is higher than what homes need for a brief period. In case of voltage surge, any appliances or electronics connected to the power source are at risk of damage.

3. Voltage is lower than the normal amount.

Sometimes when the power comes back after an outage, the voltage is lower than usual. This may be because the electrical company is supplying back the power gradually. This can be damaging for huge appliances like refrigerators because it needs enough power to turn on.

Some appliances are keener to damage than others. This includes appliances that need a motor to run like your family computer, refrigerator, or HVAC system. If the power goes out for an extended period, it is advisable to unplug appliances to prevent them from having damages. When the power comes back, wait for a few minutes for the power to stabilize before plugging them in again.

If you run a business or are working at home. Having a backup power supply through a generator system is worth investing in. The generator will automatically turn on and supply power in this case.