When you live in a disaster-prone region like Ohio, where power outages at least once a year or more are expected, a backup solution becomes necessary. The greatest threats in Ohio are hurricanes and summer thunderstorms and any of these natural disasters, plus others, can cause power outages that last for days or weeks. Sometimes it’s necessary to keep medical equipment working or medications cool and dry. Many people are also concerned that the food in their freezers and refrigerators will spoil.

So, whatever your main concerns are, you cannot go wrong with having a backup generator for your home. You can get great deals on the best backup generators from the Ohio generator system in case of any emergency such as these. Whether a disaster or a typical scenario, everyone desires a solution to this problem, like a backup generator that will serve our needs for backup electricity and outdoor activities.

Sale of Home Backup Generators

Here, Ohio Generator Systems offers a selection of home backup generators for sale, which come in various types and capacities. We’ll go over some of them individually.

KW Generators 24

It is a standby generator intended for use in a home. This is a dependable home energy backup option. Additionally, it possesses various qualities that have led to its widespread use. Because of its powerful Generac’s G-Force engine, it has enough backup power to turn on all of the home’s electronic appliances.

The 24 KW is made from the best aluminum material powder-coated finish making it long-lasting. This kind of material shields the generator from corrosion and the elements.

Standby Generators for the Home, 7.5 KW

These home backup generators have eight transfer switches and are the smallest ones on their list. It is a backup generator for residences and is reasonably priced and readily accessible. Additionally, it is made of sturdy material that can withstand any weather. Furthermore, the warranty is for three years.