Selecting the right type of generator for your home will always depend on several factors like the size of the home and how much power you would need. 

If you are going to use a generator solely for emergency backup, you might consider having just a small generator. If you live in an area that gets to experience power outages a lot, investing in a whole home backup generator that is suitable for your home needs might be necessary.

There are different types of home generators. The small ones can power a few important devices while a whole house backup generator system can power your entire home. It is important to list down all the appliances and devices you need to identify how much power you would need.

What items must be connected to a home backup generator? Here is a quick list that you might consider.

Kitchen appliances

There are a lot of essential kitchen items that you should connect to your generator in case of power outages. Appliances like refrigerator, stove or oven, microwave, dishwasher, and coffee maker will make sure that you can prepare good food for your family even when power is out for a long period.

HVAC System

Keeping and maintaining a comfortable temperature at home is vital during power outages especially if you have kids. It is good to note that your HVAC system may need more power to keep an average-size home secured. 


Lights must be powered for you to move around properly inside your home and they should be automatically connected to your home backup generator system. 

Work devices

Your laptop or computer that you need for work should be connected to your home generator so you can still finish important tasks.


This can be your source of news and entertainment aside from your mobile phones. You can connect this to your home generator so you can give your family a means to fight boredom.

Knowing how much power you need in case of outages can greatly help you determine the one you need for your home.