If you live in an area prone to power outages, having backup generators can be very useful in preventing damage to your home. But did you know that there are other benefits to having them? If you’re considering getting generators for home use, keep reading to learn more about the five benefits of having backup generators that might surprise you!

1) Save Money

If you’re in a state that experiences storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, or other extreme weather conditions, generators can help you and your family save money. First off, if you lose power for an extended period, generators let you continue using electrical appliances such as lights and televisions—items that can quickly add up on your monthly bill.

2) Peace of Mind

When you choose a generator and prepare your home, you give yourself peace of mind. In many Ohio power outages (and major catastrophes), generators are always stolen and looted within 24 hours. They provide safety to individuals who need them, and they are always in high demand after an incident. If you have one, it will stay with you until needed. If not, then there’s nothing stopping someone from taking yours when they see it on your property.

3) Safety

Generators provide peace of mind during Ohio’s unpredictable winter months. If you live in an area that experiences power outages often, there’s a good chance you know what it feels like to lose power at a critical time (i.e., when you need it most). A reliable generator is an important part of any Ohio home because it allows families to weather power outages safely and comfortably. Why spend weeks on end without electricity? Protect your family and make sure they stay warm with a generator!

4) Longer Life Span

Most generators have a life span of 20 years and upwards. However, with proper care, you can make them last even longer. A good rule of thumb is to change your oil every 3,000 hours if you’re using it to power your home and once a year if you use it for backup during storms or power outages. If you have an older generator that hasn’t been used in a while, give it a tune-up before firing it up again. If possible, consult with an expert who properly maintains these machines.

5) Easy Maintenance

Natural gas generators are self-generating, so they require less upkeep than any other generator type. If there’s a problem with your natural gas generator, it’s easy to determine what happened and get it fixed. When you don’t have to worry about maintaining a home backup generator in Ohio State or other parts of the Ohio Area, you can focus on what matters most—your family and health.


As much as having a generator is amazing, it’s advisable to get from a trusted dealer like Ohio Generator Systems (OGS) to enjoy the benefits of having a generator.