The devices which are used in the connection of the electric sources to the main circuit are called transfer switches. These transfer switches work in generators. These generators use in the supply of power. It is used when the event of a power outage occurs. So, in this article, we are going to discuss what generator transfer switches are. Moreover, we will also discuss how they work.

What Are Generator Transfer Switches?

Transfer switches have quick and safe access to the very complicated system in the case of a power outage. Transfer switches, either automatic or manual, can do the fast access. The direct connection without transfer switches of generator and appliances is dangerous. Furthermore, transfer switches had not only used in the event of a power outage but also in the daily use of electricity.

Which Generator Requires a Transfer Switch?

Both standby and portable Ohio backup generators require at least one transfer switch. However, portable generators do not require. But on the other hand, standby generators require these switches. These transfer switches are very helpful when the power is down. The working of generator transfer switches will active when there is no electricity or power.

Why Do We Use Them?

As we mentioned earlier, generator transfer switches had used as the backup electricity when the power is down. The automatic transfer switches detect the failure of power. It sends power supply automatically to the generator. So, for the sake of a continuous and safe power supply, we use generator transfer switches. Transfer switch connects to both primary and backup generator sources. In this way, it acts as a relay system.

Moreover, generator power switches had used in commercial generators as well as home backup generators. Only the automatic transfer switches had directly connected to the home generators. The reason is that it is the easiest connection.

How Do We Install Generator Transfer Switches?

Installation of transfer switches for the generators requires safety.  So, for this purpose, an electrician or engineer requires. To install the transfer switches, you have to connect transfer switch cables to the main circuit panel according to the requirements.

If the transfer switches are from a good company, it is easy for the electrician to install them. Here are some good manufacturer companies: Ohio Generator transfer switches, Reliance Products, Generac, etc.

Are Generator Transfer Switches Good to Use?

Using transfer switches in generators is beneficial. The biggest benefit of using transfer switches is that the backup generators get the ability to supply power during the absence of electricity. Similarly, it enables the generators to supply power without extension cords. The use of transfer switches controls the electricity when there is a high supply of power.


Throughout the article, we have concluded that the generators with transfer switches are good and safe. The use of Ohio generators without transfer switches is dangerous. Because without proper transfer switches, there are two direct currents generated in your home. This process is called “back feeding.” It creates problems in the primary line of power supply. So, the use of transfer switches is necessary. To get more information, contact the website Ohio generator.