During the winter months, maintaining your backup power generator is critical, especially in areas prone to heavy snowfall. Snow and ice can significantly impair the performance of your generator or even cause lasting damage. Here are some essential tips on how to keep your backup power generator clear of snow and in optimal condition.

1. Regular Snow Removal

It’s crucial to clear snow from around the generator after any snowfall. Use a broom or brush to gently remove snow from the generator, being careful not to damage any components. Keeping the area around the exhaust and air intakes clear is vital to prevent carbon monoxide buildup and ensure proper ventilation.

2. Inspect and Clear Ice Build-up

In addition to snow, be vigilant for ice accumulation, particularly on fuel lines and other critical components. Regularly inspect your generator and gently remove any ice build-up.

3. Maintain Accessibility

Always ensure there’s a clear path to your generator for emergency access. Keep a shovel or snow blower handy to clear the path as needed.

4. Routine Checks and Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key, especially during winter. Check the generator’s oil, fuel, and other fluids, and ensure its battery is fully charged to prevent snow-related problems.

5. Comprehensive Cleaning and Inspection
  • Clear Snow from All Sides: Make sure to remove snow from every side of the generator, not just the front and top. Snow blocking any side can lead to operational issues.
  • Clear the Rear Air Intake Vent: The rear air intake vent is crucial for the generator’s cooling system. Ensure it’s free of snow to prevent overheating and to maintain efficient operation.
  • Check for GREEN LED: Most modern generators have indicator lights. Ensure that the GREEN LED, usually indicating proper functioning, is visible and on. This check confirms that the generator is ready for use and is not experiencing any operational issues due to snow or ice.

By following these steps, you can keep your backup power generator clear of snow and in excellent working condition, ensuring it’s ready to provide reliable power during the winter months when you need it most.

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