Are you facing frequent power outages? Then generators are your solution! These electrical devices use natural gas, gasoline, or solar energy as fuel to provide a temporary power source every time your house faces a blackout.

Several types of generators vary in fuel sources, features, etc. Let’s have a look at a few of these types!

Backup Generators

For home generators, most people go with backup generators. These generators are heavier and take up more space, designed to supply power to the entire home. Backup generators are equipped with large fuel tanks and occupy high fuel efficiency. They use diesel, natural gas, liquid propane, etc., as fuel sources.

Portable Generators

These are smaller than home generators and are fueled by propane, solar power, or gasoline. Though they cost lesser than backup generators, they can’t power an entire home. You can keep them as a backup for an emergency to power some appliances in case your backup generator isn’t working or if you need power other than your home, like on a trip or working outdoors.

Inverter Generators

Switch to the inverter generators if you are looking for efficient power shifting and management and are not concerned with more power than other generators might provide plus, they are quieter too. One of the great features of these generators is that they can adjust their speed according to the power output required.

What’s the Best of All?

If you are looking for home generators, backup generators will work best. It’s because these can light up entire homes during a power outage while being efficient in fuel usage.

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Wrapping Up

Though generators come in different types, the most reliable ones for usage at home are the backup generators. Ohio state residents looking for home generators will find the best options at OGS.